Become a Certified Diver or Instructor

Choose from a variety of certification courses tailored to your needs.

Divers Alert Network (DAN)

Emergency Services
· Basic Life Support: CPR and First Aid
· Diving First Aid for Professional Divers
· Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries

Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI)

Core Instructor Certifications
· Open Water Scuba Instructor
· Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor
· Emergency First Response (EFR) Instructor
· Care for Children w/AED Instructor
· Divemaster
Specialty Instructor Certifications
· PADI AWARE Instructor
· AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Specialty Instructor
· Wreck Instructor
· Peak Performance Buoyancy Instructor
· Sidemount Instructor
· Self-Reliant Instructor
· Search & Recovery Instructor
· Night Diver Instructor
· Enriched Air Instructor (NITROX)
· Boat Instructor
· Drift Instructor
· Deep Instructor
· Cavern Instructor

Keep Your Gear Dive-Ready

We offer a range of services to keep your diving equipment in top condition. Trust our professionals to ensure your gear meets all safety standards.

Cylinder Services

· Visual cylinder inspections with Visual Plus technology
· Hydrostatic testing of scuba cylinders
· Air and NITROX fills up to 40%

Additional Services

· Visual surveys conducted by FAA certified Drone operators

Conquer The Deep with Confidence

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